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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — When people donate they usually donate their time, money and even food. But for 14-year-old Elle Gianelli, she’s donating something a little bit different — but certainly special.

“We probably have a thousand socks from one lady,” she told FOX40.

Elle, who collects socks by the hundreds, shares them with people who could use a brightly-colored pick-me-up.

“We just take one special sock that we pick out, pair, and then we have these, which is like a note from me and all our information to contact us back and a picture of me on the back,” Elle explained.

The Stockton teen is putting together hundreds of bags for her Socks 4 Seniors fundraiser that’s raising money to buy wacky and wonderful socks to warm the hearts — and toes — of people in nearby assisted and senior living facilities.

“Since people are really having hard times not being able to see their families and all, that’s just so sad. So, you just want to see them happy again,” she said.

With the help of her GoFundMe campaign, Elle’s mom, Rachelle, said they’ve delivered several boxes of the special packages to places like Good Samaritan Rehab and Care Center and Solstice Senior Living in Lodi — and the reactions have been priceless.

“Not only can these folks not even see their families, sometimes they can’t even eat together. So even within the abilities, they’re kind of segregated from what we can understand,” Rachelle Gianelli said.

“As a parent, it’s amazing. I mean, I think you always want your kids to do something. You tell them, ‘Find something you’re passionate about,'” she continued.

“A simple pair of socks and a note from you just brings smiles and tears of joy and happiness. And who doesn’t want to see a senior happy again?” Elle said.

Click or tap here to donate to Socks 4 Seniors.