SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Through the sea of posters at Sacramento picket lines, one design begins to stand out among the others. 

The baby blue poster that reads:  We work with our hearts for our students, has Sacramento teacher Andrea Alvarado on the poster.

“Well, just me seeing my face everywhere was a little odd at first,” Alvarado told FOX40. “Just the fact that I was going to be represented, it was just a very proud moment, especially for just the cause that it represents. I think it’s just very impactful for my school, for my community and for just women in general as well and our raza it just seeing, you know, this poster and coming from Xico, just like I said, very impactful and meaningful and, my honor.” 

Alvarado was born in Mexico and grew up in Southern California before moving north for college. Now she teaches a Spanish and English immersion class at Cesar E. Chavez Intermediate School.

She has a history with the artist, Xico Gonzalez, that began in the classroom.

Alvarado met Gonzalez when she was his student at UC Davis.

Gonzalez said the Sacramento City Teachers Association reached out and asked him to make a poster for the teacher and staff strike.

Gonzalez then made a list of impactful people in the area and chose Alvarado.

“Andrea really exemplifies, you know, what it is to be a teacher in our district right now. And you just saw her story, you know, coming from an immigrant family and how, you know, through hard work and dedication, like she was able to attain a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, a teaching credential, and now she’s teaching elementary school. And she’s a role model to our students,” Gonzalez said.

Both Alvarado and Gonzalez work for the district and have been on the front lines of the strike since Day 1, the same day the first batch of posters were printed.

“You saw Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers from America. She came in her Chanda Shanda. She came up with back in the 60s and ‘Si se puede,’ ‘Yes, we can.’ So, when people see Andrea in the classroom, like little kids are going to be like, you know, if Andrea’s teacher, he went for school, I can do it too,” Gonzalez said.  

For Alvarado, she said she wants teachers and support staff to be noticed and their hard work valued. 

“We do a lot in the classroom but also outside the classroom, our job is non-stop. And that’s what a lot of people maybe don’t know or don’t consider, and I feel like what we’re asking for is, is not much compared to what we’re putting forth, and hopefully, you know, it’s impactful here, but it can also be impactful and other school districts that also need it and our other communities that definitely need it,” Alvarado said.

With no deal Tuesday night, district teachers and support staff plan to hit the streets to strike again Wednesday.