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SACRAMENTO — The streets of Sacramento is set to get another splash of color, as 50 artists are preparing for the Wide Open Walls mural festival starting next week.

“We were actually really wanting it, so we are really excited,” muralist Ursula Xanthe Young.

Young was chosen to work with an international art collective that will tackle a 100-foot mural off of Power Inn Road. They’ll have just 10 days to complete the mural, which isn’t easy.

But Young is excited to have people watch her create her masterpiece.

“Sometimes as an artist, if you’re in you’re studio working, you don’t get that during the process. So you’re questioning yourself and you haven’t got that dialogue going on,” Young told FOX40. “So I love it. I love the public being a part of art as it’s happening.”

The whole idea of this is to make art more accessible, instead of just being at studios or a private settings, but in a public space, on a big scale, for free.

“It’s right out there for everyone to see, and that’s what we want,” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said. “We want art to be visible.”

More art can often mean more business, organizers say.

“We’re trying to spur economic development. We’ve set up this year, two independent tours that are doing mural tours,” festival founder David Sobon said.

The festival starts Aug. 10 and goes through Aug. 20. You can find a map of mural locations here.