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WILTON — Sacramento Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a gruesome scene at a home in the community of Wilton Sunday afternoon.

Three deputies in a helicopter were the first to arrive.

“Arriving they started observing what was going on and piecing together the details from what they saw from the air, as well as information that was coming in from the complainant,” said Shaun Hampton with the sheriff’s department.

The homeowner tells investigators he hired some men to do some construction work around his property.

Then one of the men began to attack another hired worker, beating him repeatedly in the head with a hammer.

The alleged attack only came to an end when the homeowner, who told FOX40 he is a former military member, grabbed his shotgun and pointed it at the suspect until law enforcement was able to land the helicopter and run over.

Hampton says, in this case, using the gun to keep the suspect at bay was the correct thing to do.

“You have to make that decision and being the circumstances that were occurring at that location, I think he made the right decision because there was a considerable amount of injury being sustained to this victim by the suspect and potentially life-threatening,” Hampton said.

The victim had to undergo surgery.

Officials are still investigating the attack.