With gas prices rising, where’s the cheapest place to fill up in Sacramento?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Aery’s Market on Auburn Boulevard is not the largest gas station in Sacramento, but it is the cheapest when it comes to prices at the pump. 

According to gasbuddy.com, the price per gallon of $4.15, and 9/10ths, was the least expensive in Sacramento on Monday. 

“It’s like a family mom-and-pop shop pretty much,” said Gary Aery. 

Aery works for the family business. He said their market believes in helping the community. 

“And with gas prices the way they’re going and minimum wage sticking at the price it is at right now, times are going to be real tough for people, man,” Aery told FOX40. “So, the lower it is, the easier it is helping people keep some money in their pockets.”

For construction worker Eddie Loconte, it takes about $100 to fill up. He went to Aery’s Market because every penny matters. 

“Just put it on 40. Just put 40. I’m not filling up right now,” Loconte said.

These days, Loconte is commuting to Sacramento from his home in San Leandro, 90 miles away. Those $40 will get him home. 

Eddie said sometimes he just gets a motel room in Sacramento. It’s almost the same cost as a round trip. FOX40 asked him and others what they would say to those who have the power to lower the cost of a barrel of oil. 

“I”m sure they don’t pay for gas. You know what I mean?” Loconte said. 

“They need to lower it because we need money to get around and to take care of our kids and family. And gas is always going up so high and going down. But without gas we can’t get anywhere,” said driver Satina. “So, maybe they could cool down a little bit on the prices and think about the families that are struggling.”

Other people there talked about how filling up a gas tank these days requires sacrifice in other areas of the budget. 

“You just put certain things off once in a while that you probably normally get just so that you have enough money to cover the week in gas,” said David Havercorn. 

Many people at the station were not filling up — They were buying just enough gas to get home. 

“We’ve been seeing a lot of $5, $10 customers, $15, $20. That’s usually about the average right now,” Aery said. 

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