With Rainy Weather, the Tisdale Weir Flows

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SUTTER COUNTY — In Sutter County, the Tisdale Weir is flowing.

It is the first of five weirs to begin spilling when the Sacramento River’s water level begins to rise. Right now, the water level is about two feet above the weir’s spill level of 45.45 feet.

When it rains a lot, and runoff from the mountains flow combine sometimes, it’s too much for the Sacramento River in Sutter County to handle. The river in that stretch is much more narrow than other portions, and it can’t handle as much water.

For the residents who live along the river, the weirs are very important. Alan Odor says his business would flood every year if it weren’t for the weirs diverting the water out of the river into the Sutter bypass.

“When they flow they help divert the river water out of the bypass so it can get trough and go out to the ocean,” Odor said.

Due to the increased water flow, the Tisdale boat launch has been shut down. Roads that run through the Sutter Bypass will also be closed. Sutter County recommends all boaters in the area be extra careful because the water is moving fast, and large trees and debris are being carried down river.

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