Witness Uses Hammer to Stop Dog Attack in Riverbank

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RIVERBANK — Jack the springer spaniel still has a spring in his step, even after Sherry Fenn says he and his 74-year-old owner were attacked by a dog Sunday in Riverbank.

“A lot of pain, she’s got a lot of puncture wounds through her legs and hands and she’s got a lot of knots coming up through her legs,” Fenn said.

​Fenn says her elderly mother was walking Jack on Second Street when a bull terrier went after them.

“A dog came running out of nowhere just charged her, started attacking her and her dog,” she said.

At the same time, across the street, Isidro Carrasco was cooking in his restaurant, Nifty’s. He says his wife called for his help after she witnessed some sort of struggle.

“Run back there and I grab a little hammer that I have and a range and went outside, crossed the street and started hitting the dog,” Carrasco said.

Carrasco struck the dog repeatedly with such force that the hammer is now bent.

“Then another guy came and I give him the range to him,” he said. “So I told him to start hitting the dog, too.”

The dog eventually ran off, and is now quarantined at the Oakdale Animal Shelter.

“If the owner refuses to take the dog or he doesn’t want the dog, then we will look for a rescue to take in Pinto,” Oakdale Police spokesperson Janeen Yates said.

Yates says the dog is microchipped and has been identified as Pinto. So far, Yates says, Pinto’s owner is cooperating.

“As of right now, this is the first bite that we have for this dog,” she said.

“In my opinion, it’s the owner’s fault for knowing the dog was aggressive like that, in letting it roam the streets,” Fenn said.

Although she’s upset, Fenn is grateful and thanked the Carrascos for their bravery. She even gave Isidro a new hammer.

Fenn also wanted to thank a third person who helped her mother. She hopes to identify him so she can thank him in person.

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