“Wolves” Kill Deer in Carmichael

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They were huge, hungry and each heavily armed with a mouthful of frightening teeth, neighbors in Carmichael say.

“I grew up with big dogs.  This thing was so massive. The head on it was not a regular canine head,” said Justin Rajotte.

“I t was at least 150 pounds or over,”said Eddie Murray of Carmichael.

“That was his back… head probably about this high,” said Eric Murray as he held his hand about chest-high off the ground.

Those gentlemen make up the crew from ‘On the Go Productions’ and they’re  always ready to capture a striking image.

But no one ever expected to see something so strange on the streets of Carmichael – two animals now being called wolves by the CHP.

The group started chasing the animals after a friend called and said she’s spotted what she thought was a wolf along Homesweet Way.

Animals like that so close to the American River and one of them one reportedly covered in blood; Justin Rajotte thought the worst.

“We grew up partying down by the river. You go down there late at night  and you see transients down there, I thought they killed, they got somebody,” he said.

Now, Rajotte knows the animals actually killed a deer near Palm Drive and California Avenue.

Murray dialed 911 but says he got nothing but disbelief on the end of the  line and hung up.

“I told her that if they didn’t want to send anybody out, they know they’re out there and if something happens it would be on them,” he said.

Soon, CHP was on the chase and the animals were everywhere.

“In and out of bushes, in front of houses. They’d go up by front doors and come back down,” said Murray.

They even walked right up to a gym.

“Tried to push the door open probably would have gone in. There were a couple people working out, couple people working,” said Murray, as he detailed a scenario he felt was frightening.

In the end, CHP shot the animals near the river access on Sarah Court, ending what could be the extremely rare occurrence of wild wolves in California.

“It’s exhilarating. I’m also bittersweet because now they’re gone. But when it comes down to it…you have to do what you have to do to protect you and your community, said Rajotte.

It is illegal to keep pure-bred wolves as pets in California. Hybrid wolves are allowed. There is only one known wild wolf confirmed to be living in California.

Investigators have not yet released if these animals were perhaps been keep illegally as pets.

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