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Activist Christina Arechiga is five months pregnant. The 39-year-old went to Tuesday night’s meeting at City Hall to tell the Sacramento City Council that $12.50 an hour is not enough.

However, she left the meeting with a bruised left wrist.

“I wasn’t planning on getting arrested,” she told FOX40 Wednesday.

She says the controversy began when Mayor Kevin Johnson announced that each side would get a chance to speak.

“We’re going to do 30 minutes on each side,” Johnson said at the meeting.

However, Arechiga, who gets paid to be an activist for the Alliance for California Community Empowerment, says the opposition didn’t get a full 30 minutes to speak.

“The city council was denying people the right to be heard in the minimum wage hearing,” she said.

Video shows the meeting went exactly as planned.

However, the city did not differentiate on who was speaking in opposition.

Speaker Doug Link, for example, is a small business owner in support of raising the minimum wage, like Arechiga. However, activists say they don’t consider him opposition since he is not a worker.

Arechiga and fellow activist Wanda Cleveland, 59, were heard swearing during the meeting. Both were arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for disrupting a public  meeting.

Sacramento Police say reasonable force was used to detain and arrest both Arechiga and Cleveland.