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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) — A Rancho Cordova woman was seen in her home’s surveillance footage from Sunday morning racing after robbers who targeted her home.

“I was tired of being ripped off and I wanted my stuff back and they came back again,” said Cheryl Rains.

The chase happened around 3 a.m., just around 23 hours after the same crew hit the Rains family. The first time they pried open a storage locker and stole about $700 worth of power tools and carbon fiber drop handlebars for a racing bike.

“So I’m out there, totally vulnerable, swimming, and they’re robbing me out there and I don’t even know it,” Cheryl told FOX40.

By Sunday, the locks on the storage locker had been strengthened and the family’s little dog, Licori, was on patrol. Cheryl said she was up working in her garage before dawn when she said she heard “an opening sound.”

In just a green onesie, she decided to chase after the crooks.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m being robbed again.’ So I just threw everything down and I just ran after them,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl has been a runner all her life while also living with Marfan syndrome and a foot deformation. Since being able to do an Ironman triathlon 10 years ago, autoimmune and platelet disorders, as well as multiple sclerosis, have restricted her in some ways.

But Cheryl said she’s still able to stand up for what’s right for herself and for her neighborhood. She said it’s a lesson she learned from a family matriarch who challenged Nazi rule during World War II.

“My grandma hid Jews growing up and I just watched from my family evil prevails when you do nothing. It’s just an instinct,” she told FOX40. “No one’s gonna fight your battles, you just got to do it.”

Though she made a valiant attempt, Cheryl was not able to catch up to the robbers. Rancho Cordova police are looking for any leads about the men involved or the merchandise.