CERES, Calif, (KXTL) — A man with a machete broke into a home in Ceres last Friday, forcing a mother and her child to hide.

Ceres Police said the mother and child did not know the suspect and did not know what he was after.

Neighbors said it is a relief knowing the suspect is off the streets but will remain on alert from now on and hope police will do more patrols in their neighborhood.

“It’s believed that he had broken the window and reached down and open the door himself,” said Freddie Ortiz, with Ceres police.

Police said that 25-year-old Michael Danh began kicking open locked doors throughout the house and eventually forced his way into the room where the victims were hiding. Thankfully, they were hiding and Danh did not see them.

“She had locked herself in the bedroom at the time and remained on the phone with dispatch,” Ortiz said.

Investigators said that the woman was able to see Danh and told police she had never seen him before.

“Just to think of that and actually knowing that that happened really close to you is, it is very concerning, it’s yeah, it’s frightening,” a neighbor said.

Neighbors said that their court had been vandalized with slashed tires twice in the past but had not had any break-ins before. They said they will now be more watchful.

“Just be a bit more alert, you know, just be a little more aware,” a neighbor said.

Before officers arrived at the home Friday, the suspect drove off but did not make it far. He was soon stopped by the police at the corner of Yolanda Street and Helen Perry Road, less than half a mile away from the home that was broken into.

“When they went to contact the driver, he stepped out at that time with a machete and a fixed blade knife,” Ortiz said.

That is when an hour-long standoff began, according to the police.

“The suspect challenged the officer with a machete. He later pulled out a fixed plate object, which was a smaller knife and began challenging the officers with these knives,” Ortiz said

Deputies with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office were then called to assist.

“We tried everything we could to get him to put down the knife. We tried negotiations of all sorts, and he’s just he didn’t comply. He continued to advance towards the officers,” Ortiz said.

That is when a deputy shot the suspect with less-than-lethal rounds and arrested Danh.

Police said that they are still investigating the motive and if Danh is connected to the previous vandalism in the neighborhood.