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SACRAMENTO — A mother of six claims officers harassed her children and ransacked her Sacramento home without cause and it was all recorded by one of the woman’s children. Nacole Jones says armed officers stormed into her home earlier this year during an illegal probation search organized by the Sacramento Police Department. “I was like, I can’t believe this is happening,” Jones said. On Wednesday, Jones recalled what she says happened the morning of May 6. FOX40 sat down with her in person and her lawyer, Kellie Walters, spoke via FaceTime from her offices in Chicago. The probation search was supposedly for Jones’ husband, James Kenney. He has never lived at the address that was raided. Walters says he was not eligible for a probation check “because James Kenney was incarcerated at the time,” and still is. Kenney has a long history of arrests and convictions in Sacramento County spanning more than 15 years. Declining to answer questions on camera but responding in writing, the Sacramento Police Department says when they headed out that morning around 5, the department “Records Management System as well as the Sacramento County Database showed … the felony narcotics arrest warrant for Mr. Kenney as ‘active.'” Meaning Kenney needed to be picked up. However, during the raid, officers on scene said something very different. It was all recorded by one of Jones’ children. “I told you we have probation status on him,” an officer is heard telling Jones. “Who’s on probation?” she asks. He responds by saying, “I don’t have to tell you.” Jones maintains the scene only spun out of control after officers reached through an open window and let themselves in when she refused them entry. “Do you know that I told them not to come in my house and they unlocked my f—— door and came in my house?” she asks an officer. “Correct. They did,” the officer says to Jones. When asked about letting themselves in, the police department representatives did not address the issue directly, writing only that “officers observed a subject they could not identify fleeing from the residence towards the back of the house.” That subject was supposedly Jones’ 17-year-old son. “They concocted a story that someone had run out the back door, which would have been physically impossible,” Walters told FOX40. Jones herself is seen in the video being tossed against a dryer when she asked police to leave. “The most blatant unreasonable search is in one’s home where privacy exists at its ultimate. This is a clear, clear violation of her right to be safe from unreasonable search,” her lawyer said. It’s the Fourth Amendment that protects against illegal search and seizure. Jones and her lawyer are working to file a civil rights lawsuit against the Sacramento Police Department based on the search. They say since May, the city has delayed their access to documents needed to complete their complaint. According to the Sacramento Police Department, the four officers who participated in the search only learned Kenney was in custody after the fact. Despite statements by Jones and Walters to the contrary, the department also says the warrant in their system listed Kenney’s address of record as the home they visited. After Jones said Sacramento police allegedly illegally entered her home, she reached out to community activist Tanya Faison for support.
Commenting about the incident Jones plans to sue over, Faison said, “This, basically, looks like another instance of when Sac PD is violating their own rules and feeling empowered enough to do it because there are no repercussions when they do things like this.” Although Jones said the department has since told her the officers involved have received additional training about what to do during a search of someone’s home, a spokesman would not confirm or deny that. Sgt. Sabrina Briggs told FOX40 in writing, “The Internal Affairs Division conducted their investigation and the findings of that investigation is part of the Officers involved Personnel file.”