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SACRAMENTO — Just a couple of weeks into the new school year and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department was already investigating a fight at Florin High School.

Freshman Cameron Kenney says he was injured in the Friday afternoon fight.

“I was just standing there. He pulled me, I socked him. He just started jumping me, all four of them,” Kenney said.

The Elk Grove Unified School District could not give FOX40 many details but a spokesperson calls the situation distributing and sad. What worries mom Elisha McDonald is why it happened.

“I feel that he was targeted,” she told FOX40.

She says her 14-year-old is mentally and physically disabled after a birth injury. Kenney told FOX40 he has been bullied “a lot.”

“My son at one point tried to kill himself early in 2017 because the bullying got so bad in another school,” McDonald said.

The district says Florin High School wants to build an inclusive and accepting environment.

” … The school took swift and immediate action to address any concerns of bullying and will be working with the students involved in the altercation … ” a district spokesperson wrote in a statement.

After a meeting at the school on Tuesday, McDonald says everyone involved in the fight, including her son, was suspended. She still hopes for a change.

“At least counseling, something for these students that feel they need to bully children that are disabled or different,” she said.

If you are in crisis please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.