Woman dies after tree limb falls on her at Davis park

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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — A woman died Tuesday after a tree limb fell on her while she was at a Davis park with her child. 

Davis police say the 40-year-old woman and her young child were at Slide Hill Park around 10:25 a.m. when she was injured. 

Her child was not injured, police said. 

Officer and firefighters responded to the park and the woman was taken to UC Davis Medical Center, where police say she later died. 

“The City of Davis extends its deepest sympathies to the surviving family and will work diligently to investigate this tragic accident,” Davis Mayor Gloria Partida said in a news release.

Deputy chief Paul Doroshov with the Davis police told FOX40 they collected photos of the area with a drone and took samples of the tree for the city arborist to determine what may have caused the break in the tree.

“I’ve worked here for 30 years. We’ve had tree branches down all the time doing property damage, but we’ve never had an event like this,” Doroshov said.

“Tree limbs fail in any number of ways that really we don’t fully understand. But at this point to speculate on the condition of the limb is really not, we can’t do that right now,” said Davis urban forest manager Rob Cain.

Davis resident John Weir walks his dogs daily through the park. He says last month, a big limb fell down during an overnight windstorm.

“There’s a lot of trees here that are older and mature, and it seems like the city needs to be paying a lot more attention to trimming them,” Weir told FOX40. 

Weir said he’s still waiting on the city to maintain a big 50-year-old tree near the front of his yard that hangs over to his neighbor’s property. He said he put in a work order with the city more than a year ago. 

“They keep saying ‘Oh next month, next month we’re going to get to it.’ But they haven’t,” Weir said. 

 All other trees in the area will be inspected, according to police. 

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