Woman Forced into Closet as Home is Ransacked

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Modesto Police are searching for two men who stole a car, TV and laptop – but more significantly, stole one woman’s sense of security.

“She’s very traumatized emotionally, she’s very upset. This is going to be with her for a longtime, as it would with anybody; to be robbed in your own house like this,” said the woman’s husband Arne.

Arne said two men came in through the open garage door as his wife was unloading groceries in the usually quiet neighborhood. It didn’t stay quiet long, as the men became upset that they couldn’t find much money.

“And they wanted, I think, to intimidate her, I think into telling her them where more was. So they shot a round into the floor of the bedroom. She was in the hall closet,” Arne said.

That’s right; the men stuck the 51-year-old woman in a closet while they ransacked her home. Then they stole the family’s car and ditched it in the back parking lot of a nearby retailer.

“I pity people like this that would do these things, yet people are desperate. We live in hard times. Fortunately, the one who thought about maybe doing my wife harm with the gun, the other one talked him out of it. And I’m thankful for that,” he said.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636.

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