Woman Hospitalized by Dog Attack

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Sitting in her hospital room at St. Joseph’s in Stockton, Samantha Williams can manage a smile despite the vicious Pit Bull attack that nearly killed her on Friday.

Williams says she was sitting in her boyfriend’s bedroom while he was at the store buying a soda, when his roommate’s dogs, Rhino and Watters, walked in.

“They had me. They had me. I was just trying to keep my arms up. My face away. They had me. They had my leg,” Williams told FOX40.

She says the attack lasted only 20 seconds before another roommate heard what was going on.

“If Leo didn’t come up there when he did, I would be dead,” Williams said.

Williams is alive, of course, but not without evidence of the attack on her face. Perfect teeth marks were left in her arm and thigh, and a huge chunk was bitten out of her calf.

The dogs were taken into the custody of Stockton Animal Control Monday, and will likely be labeled as vicious and eventually euthanized.

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