Woman Killed in Hit-and-Run While Crossing Street with Her Dog

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NORTH HIGHLANDS — A woman was killed as she was crossing the street with her dog in North Highlands on Thursday.

The dog lived and now police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down the driver who hit them.

“They were speeding, and she was already halfway across the street when they bulldozed her,” Alison Tobin, who witnessed the crime, told FOX40.

A group of bystanders who witnessed the crime said the woman was crossing the intersection of A Street and South Haven Drive with her dog when an older model Honda Civic Coupe appeared out of nowhere.

“I was standing here, and then here comes this car coming down fast,” Butch Foeller, another witness, said. “He skidded and went in and came out and that’s when he hit her. She hit the car and fell down, and he just took off.”

The witnesses said they rushed over to help her but she was motionless.

“A bunch of people ran over to try and help her but she was unconscious right when she hit the floor,” Tobin said.

The dog was also struck by the car.

“He was howling. The sounds from him were heart-wrenching,” Tobin said. “He was hurting and she wasn’t moving.”

The dog, named Leo, was taken to Sacramento County Animal Control with jaw and mouth injuries from the car’s impact. Animal control said Leo will undergo corrective surgery and is expected to recover.

They have been in contact with the victim’s family and they will take custody of Leo when he’s ready to go home.

Neighbors said it wasn’t the first time a person or animal has been hit in the area.

“The problem is that’s not the first hit on this street, and I see at least seven or eight dead animals on the street every week,” Foeller said.

Many in the neighborhood were calling for new safety measures.

“They need to put speed bumps on this street. It’s not the first time. People go through the stop sign all the time, but they were going pretty fast as well” Tobin said.

Witnesses are urging the person who took off to turn themselves into police.

“I hope they catch him,” Sal Escalante, another witness, said. “They should do the right thing and come forward.”


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