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MARYSVILLE — A woman was rescued Thursday morning after her Toyota Corolla ended up in Ellis Lake in Marysville.

One of the four men who jumped in, according to Marysville police, was the other driver involved in the two car crash that sent the woman’s car into the lake.

“There were a couple of people at the gas station, and a couple more who stopped. Everybody jumped in and gave the lady a hand before her vehicle sank all the way,” said witness Charles Nott.

Their quick action paid off. Emergency personnel were on the scene quickly and were able to assist the woman before she was taken to the hospital.

“She basically got wet and was in a little bit of shock, and they were just going to check her over a little and make sure nothing was wrong with her,” Nott said.

Nott has lived in Marysville most of his life. He, and several others Thursday, said the intersection — where Highway 20 meets Highway 70 — has always been a problem for motorists.

“I’ve seen so many people cut off trucks and cars. There’s quite a few fender-benders out there,” Nott said.

But, what happened this morning nearly turned deadly as the woman tried to turn left onto Highway 70.

“And cut in front of a truck, was clipped, and that put her sideways. Up and over about a 12 inch curb, across probably 50 or 60 feet of grass, and into the lake 20 feet,” Nott said.

Nott said he’s seen a handful of cars go into Ellis Lake over the years and every time it reminds him of what his father, a former Caltrans employee, used to say about the intersection.

“He always told me, Caltrans needs to rethink the intersection a little bit and put in a safety guardrail where Highway 20 ‘Ts’ into Highway 70 right there,” Nott said.