Woman Searches for Answers after Her Brother Dies in Sober Living Home

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STOCKTON — The moment you ask Jeanne Jazulin about her brother, Raymond Gowan, she lights up.

Unfortunately, now she can only see him in pictures and her memories.

“I’ve never lost someone in this fashion, where it was so unexpected,” Jazulin told FOX40.

Gowan was living at Celia Way, a sober living home for recovering addicts in Stockton. After Jazulin and others couldn’t get ahold of him for more than a day staff at the home found Gowan inside his room dead.

Jazulin believes he’d been there, dead, for more than a day but went unnoticed.

“My brother is under the same roof as you, and you’re looking for him? And he’s dying or dead?” Jazulin said. “Why is it that they couldn’t check on him? Why didn’t they open that door?”

She says the facility also gave her her brothers clothes soiled with his human waste and bodily fluids, despite the San Joaquin Coroner’s Office instructing the facility otherwise.

Al Senella, president of the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Program Executives, said incidents at sober living homes are hard to deal with. For one, he says even though some get funding from their county, most don’t get any regulation or direct inspections.

“There is no official oversight over sober residences or recovery residences,” Senella said.

FOX40 wanted to find out who runs the facility. Reportedly it was a man named Phillip Hammonds. Over the phone, he said he’d direct FOX40 to someone for an interview.

But when FOX40 arrived no one would answer any questions.

There was no sign of anyone name Phillip Hammonds, who stopped answering calls.

But there’s at least one person committed to finding out exactly what happened and who may be responsible.

“I promised myself to be his voice now and I won’t let him down now,” Jazulin said.

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