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PLACER COUNTY — A terrifying encounter was captured on video as 23-year-old Heather Chesser and her in-laws drove down Dyer Lane early Saturday morning.

In the video three cars surround Chesser’s. One person can be seen kicking out one of Chesser’s taillights.

Chesser says the ordeal began after a day of swimming with her two kids and husband at her in-laws’ house. She got in her car, accompanied by her mother-in-law, along with a brother and sister-in-law, headed to another family member’s home around 2 a.m. Saturday.

They took Dyer Lane, a rural road just north of Gibson Ranch. Chesser knew the road’s reputation, that it is often at the center of urban legends involving witches, ghosts and the occult.

Once they turned onto Dyer Lane, Chesser, who was driving, says she spotted the three cars, and immediately got a bad feeling. Her brother-in-law started recording them.

“Well, they sped up past us, and then they slowed down,” she said. “One of the guys in the cars had a speaker that said, turn around.”

She told FOX40 she called 911 and was transferred a few times before their car was boxed in. A few men from the car behind them approached their car.

“The guy that kicked out the tail light, had his face covered. I couldn’t even make out what he looks like,” Chesser said.

Chesser says she put on her safety locks to prevent her brother-in-law from getting out and confronting the strangers.

“I was like, ‘no,’ because then it’s like one person against 10 other people that we know of,” she told FOX40.

Another car finally passed and the strangers left, Chesser said. She still doesn’t know why they were attacked, and says law enforcement told her there was little officers could do.

“What if they had guns?” she said. “When I said, ‘I’m trapped between three cars, can you send help please?’ You could’ve sent help then.”

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says it is looking into the attack.