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WILLIAMS — Interstate 5 is usually busy but when officers noticed a car going more than 100 mph they had no idea a routine traffic stop would land an officer in the hospital.

On Friday, a CHP officer pulled over 25-year-old Haile Neil, who was speeding down I-5 past Williams. During that stop, the officer noticed Neil seemed impaired.

When asked to take a sobriety test, the CHP says she tried to run away before stabbing the officer in the back.

“That is crazy,” said I-5 commuter Melanie Hall. “I can’t believe stuff like that would happen out here. It’s super quiet, nothing ever stirs up out here.”

A neighboring tow truck company said a passing Colusa County tow truck driver helped the injured officer to restrain Neil.

“It’s pretty unbelievable that people would just have enough nerve to jump on top of a police officer and stab him in the back,” Hall said. “She had to not have been all there.”

The CHP Williams officer suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Neil faces several charges, including attempted murder and being under the influence of a controlled substance.