Woman Survives 10 Days Lost in Rural Nevada County by Eating Crumbs, Insulating Car with Books

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NEVADA COUNTY — A missing Marysville woman survived for 10 days after getting lost in remote Nevada County.

For loved ones it was a painstaking search. They feared the worst as they tried to find Sheryl Donovan. Almost two weeks ago the in-home nurse from Marysville left for work and never returned.

With no cell service, no maps and no extra food Donovan got lost. She was stuck in her car on dark and snowy roads and she was all alone.

“And at that point she had told herself, ‘I’m not going to die in my car,'” Ashley Ehlert, Donovan’s daughter, told FOX40.

Desperate for answers, Ehlert, who lives in Virginia, posted on social media. By Friday her prayers were answered and her mother was found alive.

“We’ve always joked we are stubborn women in our family but my mom is very strong,” Ehlert said.

Ehlert says her mom got by on one bottle of water and crumbs of food. She used extra clothes for warmth and books to insulate her car.

Once the weather cleared, she walked through the snow in search of help. Strangers got her to safety and to a working cellphone.

“I know that she credits God 100 percent. He gave her the strength,” Ehlert told FOX40.

Donovan is in Virginia with her daughter. She had severe dehydration and needs to get checked out by a doctor. She also needs to recover emotionally.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, to searching for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Donovan said during a Facebook Live video.

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