Woman Warns Others After She Says She Received Inappropriate Massage

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MANTECA — A Manteca woman said she was the victim of sexual battery while getting a massage.

The masseur was booked on those charges — but the charges have since been dropped.

But the victim wants to warn others to be careful because she fears the man who she says touched her inappropriately may have returned to work.

“How he proceeded to massage me was like no other massage I had had before, and I knew it was going wrong,” the victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told FOX40. “The line was crossed when my underwear is now not on, and they were pulled down, and the towel is not there.”

On Friday, she and a friend went to get a massage at Angel Massage on East Yosemite Avenue in Manteca. She told FOX40 she’d been to the business before, but only for a foot massage. This time, her friend wanted to try the full body massage.

“But something just didn’t feel right, she kept trying to talk me into it, we kept going back and forth but then we agreed to do it,” she said.

Once on the massage table, the victim said her masseur, 50-year-old Xu Shusheng, was acting strange.

“His movements, and the way he was getting really close and not keeping a distance between body and body,” she said.

Soon, she said Shusheng crossed the line, claiming he removed her towel then massaged her below her waist line.

“He then got on my back and was on my back kind of riding me to the point where he was just kind of massaging me in places that he probably shouldn’t have,” she said.

The victim said while it was happening, she was too horrified to say anything. When it was all over she said he spoke to her.

“He came back in the room and whispered in my ear, you liked it? And then he walked out.”

Later, she called Manteca police.

After an investigation, Shusheng was arrested on sexual battery. FOX40 tried speaking to the owner at Angel Massage, but employees said they didn’t speak English and the owner’s lawyer would call us.

FOX40 has not received a call.

FOX40 also learned that not only has Shusheng been released from jail, the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office has decided not to press charges. A spokesperson told FOX40 the DA’s Office doesn’t think it will be able to get a conviction.

Now the victim fears Shusheng will return to work, and she doesn’t want what happened to her at Angel Massage to happen to anyone else.

“I don’t think they should be there. I think that everyone in that room knew what had happened, and they were not saying ‘I’m really sorry that this happened,'” the victim told FOX40.

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