Woman’s Cat Disappears as ‘Wall of Fire’ Damages Midtown Sacramento Fourplex

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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento woman is on a desperate search to find her cat after he disappeared following a house fire.

“I just went and looked outside and I could see there was like a wall of fire,” said Azalia Medina.

Medina was doing housework Sunday afternoon when flames broke out inside the Sacramento fourplex where she lived with her four cats.

“And so I went to grab the hose and we couldn’t get it undone fast enough because it just started getting extremely hot,” she told FOX40. “So I ran back upstairs and just tried to save my cats. I didn’t have a chance to grab anything.”

“Windows started breaking, and then the smoke started coming in.”

With the help of neighbors, Medina was able to save her cat, named Sara. One of her other cats died in the fire.

“Everybody started saying, ‘Get out, get out, get out.’ There just wasn’t a whole lot of time,” Medina explained.

Another one of her cat’s, Little Geel, was saved from the flames but died later that day after hiding under a car.

“And when that person took off, he ran over her,” Medina said. “So, that was really, really hard to watch.”

The fourth cat, 11-year-old Leo, ran away in the commotion of the fire.

He is black and white and the coloring around his nose looks almost like a clove of garlic.

Medina thinks he still may be in her midtown neighborhood around 27th and G streets.

“Because he’s an indoor cat and he just never ventures far,” she said.

Medina posted on her neighborhood Nextdoor group hoping somebody has seen Leo and will contact her or bring him to Front Street Animal Shelter, where Medina will be looking. She’s sharing her story on FOX40 with that same hope.

Medina spent much of her Monday salvaging belongings from her apartment with a heavy heart.

“I don’t care about all the stuff, you know. What’s hurt me the most is the death of my two cats,” she said. “They’re just … they’re everything to me and Leo would just make things a little bit better for me if I found him, you know, just not make it so hard.”

None of the people living in the burned apartments were hurt.

Medina said they will all be living with friends or relatives for the time being.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

If you think you’ve seen Leo around midtown, you can bring him to Front Street Animal Shelter.


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