Sacramento police release photos of ‘person of interest’ in midtown, East Sacramento prowling incidents

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The Latest (Monday, Jan. 25):

The Sacramento Police Department released two photographs of a “person of interest” connected to multiple prowling incidents throughout midtown and East Sacramento.

The first reported incident happened last fall and since then, police say three additional incidents have been reported.

FOX40 spoke to a number of residents who reported the same man stalking women, talking to them through windows and breaking into at least one person’s home.

Sacramento police released these two photos of the person of interest.

Original story below:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Several women in midtown Sacramento are coming forward to tell others to stay alert and protect themselves against a peeping Tom.

On Monday night, midtown resident Lindsey Slama said she received a frantic phone call from her next-door neighbor.

“‘He got in. He wrote on the back of my phone,’” Slama recalled her neighbor saying.

The so-called peeping Tom has been caught on surveillance video stalking women, talking to them through windows and, in one case, breaking into a woman’s home.

“That’s when I realized it wasn’t a friend trying to get my attention. It wasn’t a neighbor trying to get my attention. Like, it was someone who knew he wasn’t supposed to be there,” said resident Daniellesherri Baker.

Baker said the harassment started Jan. 7 when she was alone watching a movie and heard what she thought was a man’s voice.

“The voice got louder for a third time and that’s when I knew it wasn’t the movie,” she recalled. “And I paused the movie and I got, like, chills all over my body. And I looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from and I saw a man looking at me.”

Days later, she said she noticed her window screen had been bent and cut. 

She took to an online forum to share her terrifying ordeal. 

“Other women started to come forward and let me know that I wasn’t the only one,” she said.

In December, Monique Moffett said she experienced a similar traumatic experience.

“I opened my door at 1 a.m. and there was a pair of women’s underwear hanging on my security gate,” Moffett told FOX40.

She said it quickly escalated from there.

“I’m talking to my boyfriend and this face just appears through my restroom window,” she explained. “I yelled at the guy, I said, ‘Go away. Go away right now. I’m calling the police.’ And he just stood there.”

“You can see she’s covered the window, and it’s textured and it has bars,” Slama pointed out. “But he was right in her window. Later, she realized the screen was taken off.”

Slama and others have described the peeping Tom as a young male who often wears all black and a Raiders beanie. He also carries a large stick to reach over fences and unlock them.

Investigators are looking into at least three reports and the possibility that they can be linked to the same man. They are combing through surveillance video for clues.

“This guy, we think, is around 5 foot 9. If you’ve got a little bit of upper body strength, you could easily jump over,” Slama said. 

Women in the area have a strong message for the man who has caused them so much fear. 

“There are so many of us aware of you,” Moffett said. “We’re done living in fear and we are not going to live in fear anymore.”  

“He’s lucky if the police get him,” Slama said.

Sacramento police said in the past few months, they have documented at least three reports about a suspicious male looking into windows in the midtown area and, in some instances, leaving items behind. They also said they have increased patrols in the area and their detectives are looking for any additional information that anybody may have regarding the incidents. 

Police said they do not know if the three incidents are related.

The Midtown Neighborhood Association told FOX40 they are working closely with the Sacramento Police Department.

It is wise to take caution right now–walk with others, keep awareness of what’s going on around you. The Midtown Neighborhood Association has connected with SacPD and are planning to set up a community meeting with them on the issue, with more details to come soon.

Abby Jackson, Vice-chair of the Midtown Neighborhood Association

Those who wish to report the peeping Tom have been asked to call the Sacramento Police Department’s non-emergency line at 916-808-5471. If it is an emergency, the police department’s emergency line is 916-732-0100 or call 911.

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