Woodbridge Family Escapes as Floodwaters Surge Toward Their Home

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WOODBRIDGE — A family frantic after a rush of water moves toward their home in San Joaquin County. It all happened Thursday night after the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office investigated a possible levee break on Windwood Drive in Woodbridge.

The family said that first they heard a rush of water. They then took a look at a nearby vineyard and saw that it was completely flooded. That’s when they knew the water was headed toward their home.

“And I noticed it was full of water and I knew it was a bad sign,” Francie Mathews said.

Home alone with four young kids, a pregnant Mathews had to make split second decisions when she saw the vineyard next to her home had flooded.

“I was frantic when I saw the water rushing in,” she told FOX40. “I was just concerned mostly about getting my kids out of the house.”

Mathews said she called her husband Brock Mathews to come home, quickly, and texted a friend about her dilemma.

“What do we do? It’s kind of a frantic situation; just you need to get everybody out,” she recalled.

Mathews said the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, the Office of Emergency Services and about 40 of their friends and family came to help.

“We weren’t expecting that at all,” Francie Mathews said. “It was a complete blessing.”

The family said it was about an hour of worry, stress and uncertainty.

“Other than that there’s not much we can do,” Brock Mathews said. “We have to literally just kind of pray and hope it doesn’t get any higher.”

Fortunately, the second levee around their home helped keep the water at bay. The Mathews own Service Master Restore, which helps families rebuild after flooding and fire damage, said this close call was an eye opener.

“It gives you a feeling on how to take care of them better, too, from our standpoint ‘cause we kind of know what they’re feeling and what they’re going through,” Brock Mathews explained.

As for Francie Mathews, she’s grateful her home is not damaged and her four kids with one on the way are safe.

“And I think we’ll just see what the next storm brings,” she said.

The family said they will continue to work on improving their levee just in case more water spills over or there’s a levee break.

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