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WOODLAND, Calif. (KTXL) — Following a hard year and a half of being shut down, things were just starting to look up at the Thirsty Goat. 

“It’s been really great for us since we opened back up, and I love getting to see all my customers and my friends,” said manager Ashley Delgado. 

But the good times came to a halt on July 14 when a customer reached out to Delgado saying they and another unmasked patron had tested positive for COVID-19. Soon after, Delgado and another employee started to feel ill. 

“I had some symptoms. I felt like I had some allergies and then on Friday the 15th, I had lost my sense of smell,” Delgado said. “Another employee also tested positive; they were also vaccinated.” 

The hard decision was then made to close the bar once again and follow federal protocols. Delgado and the other employees are considered to be breakthrough cases since they got COVID-19 while vaccinated. 

She says, after this incident, things will change in regard to how they conduct business in order to keep staff and customers safe. 

“I’ve heard of a few businesses that are in the Woodland area that are now asking people to wear their masks, and I believe some are asking if people are vaccinated or not,” Delgado said. “We’ll ask people if they’re vaccinated and, if they don’t want to share with us, we just ask that they wear a mask.” 

In April, FOX40 asked Sacramento attorney Mark Reichel if businesses have a legal standing to require proof of vaccinations. 

“If it is a private business, either a restaurant or whatever, and they make a determination that they only want to allow vaccinated people in, they can actually do that. Like it says no shirt, no shoes, no service, they can say the same thing about a vaccination,” Reichel said. 

“I want to protect everybody. Everybody’s safety, my employees and the customers, is my utmost priority,” Delgado said. 

Delgado says the plan is to reopen July 31, and they thank the community for the great amount of support they have shown.