Woodland Prairie Elementary School Students Collect Supplies for Less Fortunate

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WOODLAND — Taking time away from the classroom to give back — Woodland Prairie Elementary students collected more than 1,200 items to give to the less fortunate.

“Kids have the power to make a difference in their community, and so they choose a project to help the homeless,” teacher Sue Alves said.

Alves said she gave her students a list of social issues to tackle for a two-month project. The group chose to donate to Fourth and Hope, a homeless shelter serving almost 100 people a night in Yolo County.

“At first I was like, ‘ugh, I don’t want to do this,’ but it was really fun. I really enjoyed it,” student Ivan Patricio said.

The students asked friends, families and other student to participate.

The kids collected canned foods items, but that wasn’t all. They also gathered soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste. While this may seem like a small thing to give, goes a long way for people in need.

“Simple things that we take for granted like soap and toothpaste and things that we use every morning, they don’t necessarily have access to,” said Doug Zeck, executive director at Fourth and Hope.

The students walked almost two miles to the shelter, delivering box by box. The items will be handed out by the shelter’s outreach team.

Zeck says these students are learning a valuable lesson.

“These students are really going to grow up caring for people,” Zeck said.

“We’re like a role model for the kids, and it teaches them, ‘Oh, we can help, too.’ The younger kids do it, and even younger kids do it, and soon like the whole country will be doing it,” student Alexis Westerman said.

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