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Investigators say burglars attempted a “smash-and-grab” Monday morning at a gun store, but forgot the “grab” part.

Officers were called to Just Guns along Auburn Boulevard around 5 a.m. and found the front door broken, garage door dented and shattered glass all over. They believe a car slammed into the store.

“Based off of police, they think it was just someone trying to go all the way through, grab and go,” Josh Deaser, the owner of Just Guns said.

The vandals got the “smash” part, but it appears they didn’t take anything.

Deaser thinks they took off without taking anything after seeing some of the security features he has installed, including surveillance cameras, two alarm systems and unique glass that is not easily broken.

“Occasionally, people will throw rock so we threw in the other bendy glass, which is fun. If they try to throw a rock at it, it goes right back at them,” Deaser explained.

Although Monday’s burglars did not take anything, Deaser told FOX40 he will be looking at more security options.

Luana Munoz contributed to this report