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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A personal pool-renting platform that rose to popularity during the pandemic is picking up more traction in the greater Sacramento region as summer picks up.

Local couple Jeff and Rachelle Duesing are taking up new career paths as pool manager and hostess after transforming their own pool into what they call a “VIP experience” on the rental platform Swimply.

“We have been on the Swimply platform for almost four weeks now,” Rachelle told FOX40. “We had our first swimmers the weekend of Memorial Day. Our very first booking was on a Saturday morning, and it was for a young female entrepreneur who was doing a photoshoot. Later that day, we had a family of 15 come for a family swim.”

The Duesings are among 30 homeowners in Sacramento who are renting out their pools by the hour to people who want a more private experience other than cooling down by the river or in community pools.

“If you just want to have a nice, quiet, peaceful family swim — maybe you’re still concerned about COVID — you can rent out this beautiful place,” Jeff said.

But accidents can happen, which is why Swimply is proving a $1 million insurance policy for hosts.

“I handle the workers’ comp complaints. I handle injury claims, so when I think of liability and people getting injured, that was something I was very much interested in,” Rachelle explained.

They also encourage hosts to set strict rules for guests.

“We have a five car maximum. We do have rules in regards to the noise level when it comes to music, and no glass,” Rachelle said.

“If our pool isn’t kept clean and sanitary, and it looks dirty, they’re not going to be giving us that five-star [rating],” Jeff added.

Rachelle told FOX40 that they’re going to earn $1,500 for one booking on the Fourth of July.

While it’s a lucrative endeavor, the Duesings are just ready to help people make fonder memories this summer.

“We just enjoy hosting and having people over,” Rachelle said.

Pool rentals run anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour.