Years of Super Bowl Memorabilia Stolen from Collectibles Store

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SACRAMENTO — Forget win-loss records, receiving yards, or touchdowns, the records Larry Jacobson amassed over his lifetime are more impressive still.

“I don’t know that he had the intention when he went to Super Bowl 1 to go to every single one,” said Jacobson’s daughter, Heather Faller. “Keep in mind, back then Super Bowl 1 tickets I think were $15, something like that.”

Every single Super Bowl of his lifetime Jacobson was there. He is one of only four men who can lay claim to a streak like that.

So when he became ill last fall his hope was to see just one more. He fell short and his daughter went in his place.

“I remember standing there in the stadium and the National Anthem came on, and he was a proud man,” Faller said.

Jacobson was also an avid collector. His family has some precious relics of his time spent beside the gridiron. But he had specific instructions for certain pieces he collected.

“He wanted his collection to go to other collectors that had a love of football and sports,” Faller said.

So they were looking for those collectors, getting ready to hold an auction at Picks and Treasures in Novato, when a man came in acting strangely, according to store staff. He showed an interest in a box with Super Bowl patches and pins from games 1 through 25.

“Guy goes, ‘That’s it,’ and he points to the shadow box,” Faller said.

Then, he walked out of the store. Store staff said he came back a few days later with a group of people. One ran into the store, grabbed Jacobson’s memorabilia and took off in a getaway car driven by the man.

“It’s really sad that somebody would do that,” Faller told FOX40. “It makes me a little angry. It makes me a lot angry.”

Family members say they just want the memories of all those years back. They know it might be Hail Mary but they’re hoping someone will recognize the man or the memorabilia and call the police.

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