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YOLO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Two Antioch men were charged with multiple felonies Monday for allegedly stealing from three different Yolo County stores in one day.

The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office said Davis police arrested 18-year-old Taveon Thompson and 19-year-old Dorian Adams Thursday, the same day they allegedly took hundreds of dollars’ worth of merchandise.

A complaint filed Monday alleges earlier that day, Thompson and Adams went to a CVS and a Walgreens in Woodland, before driving to a CVS in Davis.

The suspects brought bags with them into all three stores, which the complaint said they filled with merchandise. At the Walgreens in Woodland, Adams stood guard as Thompson filled a bag with what ended up being roughly $450 worth of stolen goods.

In total, the pair is accused of stealing nearly $1,250 in merchandise from the three Yolo County stores.

Among their charges is one count of organized retail theft.

Thompson was still in custody Monday, with $50,000 bail. Adams was released after posting bail.

Last month, Davis police said four thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of makeup and alcohol from two CVS pharmacies and a Safeway.

“An uptick of what a lot of people have been seeing, which are these commercial brazen thefts involving multiple suspects who come into the store just load up on merchandise, a lot of times very significant losses, and then leave the store,” explained Davis Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov.

It’s estimated the group stole over $16,000 in goods from the stores.