Yolo County Landfill’s Wood Reuse Program a Hit

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WOODLAND — Piles of unused lumber and gently used wood materials are piling up at the Yolo County Landfill, but instead of burning it or letting it go to waste, the landfill has created a reuse option.

The wood has been put aside at the landfill for customers to buy at very low prices.

Thai Lee does woodworking as a hobby and has already come out four or five times since the program started six months ago.

“It’s such a waste when these woods are so new, and you can do so much with it,” Lee said. “Instead of cutting more trees, we can reuse it.”

The Yolo County Landfill’s goal is to ultimately cut down on waste.

“Reuse. In the hierarchy if you can repurpose something, you can take that two-by-four and turn it into something else rather than grinding it up, that’s kind of the highest use,” civil engineer Jeff Kieffer said.

Lee left the landfill with a truckload of wood he says would have cost him $500 at the hardware store. He only paid $10.

“You can’t get better than this,” he told FOX40.

Kieffer says the program so far has been very popular. He hopes that more people take advantage of the chance to build something up from something thrown away.

“Used beneficially rather than just taking up landfill space,” Kieffer said. “So, it’s the right thing to do.”

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