Yolo County sets its own COVID-19 policy for family gatherings

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YOLO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Yolo County announced Wednesday that its updated COVID-19 pandemic gathering policy will become more specific than the state’s guideline.

Only three families, with no more than 16 people in all, are allowed to gather at a time while staying outside.

“You gotta respect other people, you know,” said Yolo County resident David Castillo. “You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable around you.”

David and Tina Castillo said they have plans to visit family in Southern California during the upcoming holiday season.

The Yolo County couple also added that they will keep their masks on at “extended family” gatherings.

“We will be outside if we can as long as we can, you know. It’s hit and miss, of course, at Christmas time,” Tina Castillo told FOX40.

“I don’t want to say that we are going to be staked out outside someone’s house counting how many people walk in,” said Yolo County spokeswoman Jenny Tan. “Obviously, that is not what we intend for this.”

The 16-person max limit applies for any gatherings at a business in Yolo County as well.

Yolo County is currently in the red, or “substantial,” tier on the state’s guideline list.

The hope is that limiting gathering numbers can help propel the county into the orange, or “moderate,” tier — or at least avoid dropping back a tier.

“So, we definitely want to get ahead of that,” Tan said. “We don’t want to move back in the purple. I mean, if we move back in the purple, indoor operations are cut off for our businesses.”

While there is no enforcement of its rule, the county is asking its residents to follow through.

“I get that it is hard for people but we have done that already with birthday parties, so I support it,” said Yolo County resident Dee Abe.

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