(FOX40.COM) — Woodland Fire Department Chief Eric Zane provided an update on Friday concerning a fire that damaged five homes on July 16.

The fire was in the 400 block of Lincoln Avenue, where several historic homes were located, and required assistance from fire crews in Vacaville and Sacramento.

According to Chief Zane, fire investigators determined that the blaze was accidental in nature and began from electrical issues.

“Our investigation process included reaching out to neighbors and witnesses, as well as meticulously reviewing security camera footage and drone recordings from different angles,” Chief Zane said.

The investigation also found that reports of an explosion and a power outage during the time of the fire were linked to the widespread blaze.

The explosion was determined to be caused by a keg that had overheated and continued to build up pressure before it exploded, according to Zane.

“As for the electrical outage, when our firefighters arrived on scene the electrical lines leading to the nearby homes had already been damaged and burned away leaving live electrical wires on the ground,” Zane said.

Safety circuits were triggered due to the exposed live electrical lines, causing a power outage in several of the surrounding blocks.

The fire did not result in any injuries to firefighters or any of the homes’ occupants, according to the Woodland Fire Department.