WINTERS, Calif. (KTXL) — The Winters Police Department renewed attention on a 39-year-old missing person case in the hopes that they could get new information from the public. 

Evelyn Joyce McDowell, 22, was reported missing on Dec. 12, 1983, by a friend who had last heard from her the month prior.

According to police, McDowell called her friend on Nov. 14 and told them she was at a bar in the Napa area and that someone was “trying to get her.” 

Police said the call went dead not long after, and it was later confirmed the call came from the Chatter Box Bar in Clear Lake. 

It wasn’t until days later that information about her would be received. 

McDowell’s address book was reportedly found at a beach in Lucerne, about 30 minutes from Clear Lake, by someone and mailed back to her family’s home. Police said her mother received the address book and a note in the mail.

“Joyce, you don’t know me but I found this on the beach in Lucerne and thought you might want it. – Dave,” the note said. 

(Photo from Winters Police)

Police said her family was told she was last with her friends in the Napa area but left the car they were in after an argument. 

McDowell is white and 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighed about 115 pounds. She is described as having brown eyes, and she was last seen wearing brown clothing, blue denim jeans, a blue jacket and dark oxford shoes. She has a tattoo of a blue heart on her left shoulder, a scar on her left knee and a scar on her left forearm.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 530-7946721.