Your Story: One Fairfield Couple has Cared for Dozens of Children

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“Your Story” is a new series from FOX40’s Eric Harryman that explores extraordinary people who have turned the tables on fate and created success stories in unlikely places. FAIRFIELD — The decision to become a parent is a monumental one. Corrine and Roger Vogel have cared for roughly 150 children. “We were wondering how many diapers we have changed over the last 45 years,” Corrine said. “We had our first child about a year and a half after we were married.” That sparked a journey rooted in faith. “God said, ‘I don’t want your sacrifice, I want your heart,'” Corrine explained. “It says, ‘Feed the hungry. A home to the homeless.’ And we said, ‘That’s it, that’s our mission statement,’ and there was no turning back.” During that time, the Vogels had five biological children and adopted six of around 143 foster children. “We ended up adding three bedrooms and a bath to this house,” Roger said. “So that instead of having a five-bedroom house, we had an eight-bedroom, four-bathroom house, and therefore we could take more children.” Those additions satisfied the legal requirements for taking on more kids, who could be there a week, a year or longer. The concept of “temporary” is paramount for foster families. “The time they are with us is worth the pain when they leave,” Corrine said. “When they walk in the door they’re mine.” That goes for even the most challenging kids who come through the door. Many of the babies they have cared for were victims to addiction through their mothers. “It’s not my job to judge,” Corrine said. “The social workers and the legal system are holding the parents accountable. My job is to do the best job I can of taking care of their children.” For as many peaceful, quiet moments the couple has experienced, there are plenty of others that have challenged even the most patient. “They’re gonna see the warts, as well as the cosmetics,” Roger said. “You hope for the best and try and get it to work.” You might be wondering what’s behind the success of a 50-year marriage with 150 kids sprinkled through the decades. “I have said this to Corrine privately but never publicly, ‘I am thrilled to be your husband,'” Roger said. It’s a public testament to a world many of us will never know and a private love bonded by a special calling. “People have said that the children are blessed to have us. We say that we’re blessed to have the children,” Roger said. Watch the story of Cindy, the first foster child the Vogels took in, below.

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