Yuba City dentist implements new safety measures with patients set to return

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YUBA CITY, Calif. (KTXL) — As more businesses reopen in Yuba and Sutter counties, there has been a clearer look at what a new normal will look like — at least in the near future.

“Dental offices, just in general, even before this, are one of the cleanest places to be at because we disinfect the room after every single patient,” Dr. Sunny Badyal, whose dental practice is in Yuba City, told FOX40. “That’s one of the reasons we closed because I did not want to risk having someone here, having a patient of mine get infected from something. I did not want to risk the health of my staff.”

But after Yuba and Sutter counties passed orders last week allowing businesses to reopen, Badyal is ready to see all of his patients again.

“I would probably say 90% are coming back,” he said.

Patients who do come into his office will notice some big changes.

“Air purifiers. That was the first thing I did that came to mind. HEPA air filters for every single room, medical-grade, so then that way the air in every single room is going to get filtered every 10 minutes,” Badyal said.

Badyal’s staff is also wearing two masks and a face shield while working on patients and screening people for COVID- 19 symptoms over the phone before they come in. Every patient gets their temperature taken when they come into the office and the staff gets theirs taken every day too.

“If anyone has a temperature over 100, patient or staff member, we refuse to see the patient,” Badyal said. “We tell them to go see their doctor.”

Badyal’s office is even asking patients to wait inside their cars in the parking lot instead of going inside to the waiting room.

“And our waiting room, it’s empty. Normally, at this time during the day at 8 a.m., it would be packed with patients,” he said.

One more line of defense — having each patient rinse with hydrogen peroxide before their treatment to kill any bacteria in their mouth.

“Making sure on a daily basis we adapt to this new routine,” Badyal said. “That’s my biggest concern.”

Yuba County officials are encouraging other businesses to take major steps in ensuring the safety of people who walk through their doors.

“We don’t want to have to take steps backward. We have to make sure we all do our parts and respect each other’s health and well being in order to move any further,” county spokeswoman Rachel Rosenbaum said.

Everyone has to play by the rules, the county says, to keep businesses like Badyal’s dental office open.

“If there’s a spike and things go the other way, we will have to close our doors again,” Badyal said. “But until that point, we’re trying to do as much as we can and, basically, continue seeing patients and treating the people that actually need treatment.”

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