Yuba City Man Attacked Trying to Stop Suspected Thief from Stealing Neighbor’s Van

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YUBA CITY — A Yuba City man was left with multiple injuries after trying to stop a suspected car thief.

“Broken ribs, a broken nose, which you can see, and then I found out yesterday I’ve got a tear on the spleen,” said Karl Sanders.

According to Sanders, a teen, who was later arrested, was trying to get into a van parked two driveways down. He knew the boy didn’t belong in it, so Sanders tapped on the window.

“We got into it for a little bit then he got a good blow in,” Sanders told FOX40.

His daughter, Elyssa, woke up to the frightening aftermath of the attack.

“I saw flashing lights out my window. My window’s, like, right out front,” she said. “I came out and there he was sitting on my porch. His face was all bruised, all bloody.”

“When I pulled up there’s my brother, sitting on a gurney, soaked in blood,” said Sanders’ sister, Barbara.

Barbara Sanders couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she raced to her little brother’s house after a panicked call from her niece.

While it’s been hard for Sanders’ daughter and sister to watch him endure the recovery process, they say they were not surprised he stepped in to stop the theft.

“Immediately went through my head, ‘Yeah, that sounds like him.’ He’s always been that type,” his daughter said.

Early Sunday morning, Rebecca Allen had no idea her van was in jeopardy until police said he neighbor had been hurt protecting it.

“I owe that man so much,” Allen said.

Sanders was excited to be discharged late Tuesday evening but had a long recovery ahead.

“I don’t know, I just believe in doing what’s right,” he said.

Sanders’ loved ones are trying to do the right thing for him as he heals. Though he wants to go back to his job as a construction superintendent this week, they’re raising money to help the single father with expenses through a GoFundMe campaign.


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