Yuba City police searching for suspect in sexual assault of 70-year-old woman

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Warning: This story contains explicit dialogue about a sexual assault.

YUBA CITY, Calif. (KTXL) — Yuba City police are looking for a person suspected of sexually assaulting a woman in her mid-70s.

The incident occurred early Monday morning and neighbors say it happened while the victim was trying to help the suspect.

The woman volunteers at a Clothes Closet run by the Crossroads Community Church on B and Plumas streets. She said she noticed a man huddled on the steps of the Clothes Closet and offered him a sweatshirt.

When she went to a clothing storage area in an adjacent building, she said the man followed her and asked to use the restroom.

“I repeatedly refused him and he said, ‘I really got to go bad and I don’t want to pee on your property,'” the woman told FOX40. “He grabbed me from behind, forced me into the restroom, and locked the door and told me to take my clothes off. … It caused me to doubt humanity.”

It took her a few days to come to talk openly about what happened.  

“As long as I hold these grudges and hold to this anxiety, these feelings, he’s got control over me, and I won’t let him do that,” she said. “God is with me; I could feel God in that room with me every minute of the time he was molesting me.”

Support from church members was a huge help.

News of the sexual assault spread quickly, especially among residents of the senior residential center across the street.

Brenda Lamance has lived in the complex for eight years. She said homeless people enter the complex constantly because the gates must remain open for emergency responders.

It strikes home that the alleged victim was close to her age.

“It’s frightening, it really is,” Lamance said. “Anyone attacking anyone is wrong, but to attack a little old woman, that’s crazy. That’s insane.”

Police say the suspect is in his 20s or 30s with a medium build. They want to question this man who was seen in the area and caught on surveillance video from a nearby business but are not saying if he is a suspect.

The suspect also stole a Honda Civic belonging to the woman and police are looking for it as well.

Yuba City Police investigators say they could use the public’s help and want you to call them if you have seen the person of interest or the stolen car.

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