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Yuba City Speaks Out Against Hate CrimeYUBA CITY-

Yuba City residents are upset about a hate crime committed against a Sikh member of their community.

Hateful words were scrawled on the left rear door panel of his truck. The vandal wrote “We don’t want no Hindus at SBLL,” referring to Sutter Buttes Little League.

The message targeted a little league baseball coach – who is Sikh, not Hindu.

“It doesn’t make a difference if they are a Sikh, Asian, black, whatever. A hate crime is a hate crime and it’s wrong,” said Mike Mosely, a Yuba City resident.

The city is also outraged about the incident and released a statement Sunday to assure the public that the incident is an isolated one.

“Any unkind or hateful actions toward any of our citizens are saddening and shocking, largely because they are so rare,” wrote Yuba City Mayor John Buckland.

Yuba City says acts of intolerance will not be taken lightly and they’re asking anyone with information about this crime to call police.

“You know, we have people out there like that and I hope they catch him and deal with him accordingly,” Mosely said.