(KTXL) — A man with a hatchet allegedly attacked and chased an employee at a Raley’s in Yuba City on Sunday morning, Yuba City Police said. 

Police said they received several calls around 6:40 a.m. about a man damaging a car that was in the Raley’s parking lot. The suspect allegedly smashed the windows of a car, which had someone inside, and then walked away. 

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The person inside was not injured.

Police said the suspect soon returned to the parking lot and approached a Raley’s employee who had arrived for their shift.

According to police, the suspect then attacked and injured the employee’s leg with a machete. 

The employee ran away to the store, but police said the suspect chased after them.

Inside the store, a different employee caught and struck the suspect with a product scanner as he was chasing after the other person.

Police said the suspect was held by two employees while officers arrived to arrest him. 

The employee and the suspect had injuries that were not life-threatening. 

The suspect was taken to the hospital and later booked into the Sutter County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, felony vandalism, possession of a dirk/dagger, and possession of methamphetamine. 

He was identified by police as 44-year-old Larry Reed, of Olivehurst. Police said the reason behind the attack is not known. But it appears to be an isolated incident since he didn’t know any of the victims.