YUBA CITY, Calif. (KTXL) — A Yuba City cat is under watch by animal services and health officials after playing with a bat that was later found to have rabies, according to Sutter Animal Services Authority.

In a news release, animal services said that the cat was found to be playing with a live bat on October 24 in the area of the 1400 block of Inglewood Court in Yuba City.

Animal services staff collected the bat and submitted it for rabies testing through the Sutter County Health Department, which found the bat to be rabid.

The cat was the only pet to have contact with the bat and was placed into a “strict thirty-day quarantine,” according to animal services.

Sutter Animal Services Authority advises the public to call them immediately upon finding a bat inside or near a home, whether it is dead or alive. The agency can be reached at 530-822-7375.

The agency advises the public to never touch a bat, especially one that may be sick or dead.

According to the CDC, bats “are the leading cause of rabies deaths in people in the United States.”

The CDC advises that rabies can spread to people through small bites or scratches and that people should immediately call the local health department if coming into contact with a bat or if contact with a bat might have occurred, such as if one was able to enter a home.