(KTXL) — Drivers in Yuba City drove past a man lying along Garden Highway on Monday after he was hit by a pickup truck that fled the scene, according to the Yuba City Police Department.

At around 7 a.m., officers found the man laying in the roadway near Garden Highway and Bogue Road and told law enforcement that he was hit by a vehicle before he was taken to an area hospital.

When the city’s surveillance video was reviewed they saw the man was walking east along Bogue Road and triggered the pedestrian light button in order to continue walking east along Bogue Road.

A dark-colored truck stopped for a red light at the intersection of Bogue Road and Garden Highway while the man was standing at the southeast corner of the intersection.

When the light turned green and the pedestrian signal was activated, the man entered the crosswalk and the truck made a righthand turn, colliding with the man in the crosswalk.

The truck pushed the man, drove over him, stopped, backed up and then drove forward around the victim heading south on Garden Highway.

Several more vehicles drove around the man but none of them called police and there were no other witnesses to the collision.

The truck is described as a dark-colored Dodge Ram, most likely 1500, with a ladder rack and a toolbox in the bed of the truck.

The public is being asked to call 530-822-4660 if they have any information about the collision or the vehicle.