Yuba County Joins State of Jefferson Effort

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Yuba County Board of Supervisors see joining the so-called State of Jefferson and leaving California behind as a no-brainer for one big reason.

“We feel that we are nothing more than tax collectors for the state,” County Supervisor Andy Vasquez said. “We don’t count.”

Vasquez says Yuba County doesn’t get any attention or money for the issues that matter to them.

“Certain countries that type of society where you don’t have any representation and they tell you what to do and take all your money is called slavery and we seem to be worker ant’s here,” Vasquez said.

But it’s not just county leaders who want to leave California.

“All the money is being used down in L.A. for all kinds of stupid reasons and they don’t give the money here to fix the roads,” Marysville resident Phil Ross said.

“Without some separation, southern California owns northern California. They take what they want,” said Don Noblin, another Marysville resident.

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Vasquez says he isn’t naive, and knows the State Of Jefferson’s movement isn’t going to be easy, but even if they don’t succeed in separating, they will at least get attention.

“We are going to do something rather unique. We are going to get a number of counties together and we are going to work towards a common goal and how it turns out, we have no idea,” Vasquez said.

Those behind this movement say if they can get 13 counties to join the movement they will have at the same economic stability as the state of New Mexico, which will make them a viable state.

So far, only four counties on board: Yuba, Glenn, Siskiyou and Modoc counties.

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The next big county that could be joining the State Of Jefferson movement is Placer County. Organizers are meeting with residents Thursday to start discussing getting their county supervisors on board.

The State of Jefferson would also include several southern Oregon counties.

A similar effort, by a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is underway to split California into six states. Tim Draper’s plan also includes the State of Jefferson, though the layout is a little different. Click here to learn more about Draper’s initiative.

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