Yuba County Sheriff’s Department Investigating after Suspect Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting

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LINDA — Deputies were in Linda Monday night to investigate a deadly officer-involved shooting.

Around 3:30 p.m., Yuba County deputies responded to the shooting on North Beale Road, according to the sheriff’s department.

A caller told the sheriff’s department a man was beating someone with an unidentified weapon.

Deputies arrived at North Beale Road minutes after the call and tried to contact a man walking away from the scene.

“Within three minutes of receiving that call, we made contact with a subject that matched the description given by the caller of the original assault,” said Leslie Carbah, a crime analyst with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

Soon after the sheriff’s department says shots were fired.

“Shortly after confronting that individual, shots fired were called out over the radio and now we have an officer-involved investigation,” Carbah told FOX40.

The man was killed by gunfire in what the sheriff’s department is calling an officer-involved shooting.

The details are under investigation by multiple agencies and won’t be released right away but one eyewitness spoke to FOX40 Monday night.

“I just wanted to make sure the cop was going to be OK because the guy was overpowering the cop,” said Scott Lawrence.

Lawrence said he was driving by with his granddaughter and witnessed an escalating confrontation between a deputy and the subject, who was eventually shot by a second deputy.

“The cop went to get him in a handcuff hold and he pushed away from the cop,” he told FOX40. “The cop grabbed him. They got in a bear hug and the guy kept trying to get the gun out of the holster.”

Lawrence said the deputy got the man down on the ground while the suspect was still trying to grab the deputy’s gun.

“And he almost had the gun out. And I was about ready to get out and see if I can assist the officer,” Lawrence recalled. “And out of nowhere, here comes the female officer running around me, about from me to you, and just pow, pow, pow. Three shots and it was over.”

The investigation began almost immediately after that.

“Cops came out of nowhere like they was falling out the sky,” Lawrence said.

A deputy and the victim of the assault sustained minor injuries.

Two deputies were placed on administrative leave.

Portions of North Beale Road have been closed off between Lowe and Avondale avenues while investigators are at the scene.

Stay with FOX40 and FOX40 News for more updates.


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