Yuba County Supervisors Race Gets Nasty

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OLIVEHURST --A supervisor candidate for the 3rd District in Yuba County is incensed over a radio ad he says is a lie.

Doug Lofton says what happened at his visit to a Lindhurst High School civics class was distorted by his four-time incumbent opponent Mary Jane Griego.

Griego's ad featured an anonymous student who supposedly was in the class.

"Mr. Lofton shared with our graduating seniors that he is for marijuana. His vision is to see more marijuana dispensaries in our area and throughout Yuba County. His vision is not good for Yuba County families," said the ad.

Lofton was so angry he aired radio ads of his own saying that Griego coerced the student to lie and jeopardized his graduation because he could possibly be expelled.

Lofton said he said there was a short exchange when he was asked by a student his stand on measures A & B, local ballot measures that would expand the growth and use of medical marijuana. Lofton said he told students that it was up to voters to decide the fate of the measures and left it at that.

The teacher of the class backed up Lofton's version "to the best of my recollection."

“I'm saying categorically she is capable of saying or doing anything in her power up to and including lying to win," said Lofton, who is running on a platform of term limits for supervisors.

But Griego says more than one student came to her with the information of what supposedly happened in the class.

"I didn’t coerce anybody, didn’t pay anybody,"said Griego.

Lindhurst High School officials say no one is in trouble for the controversial ad, saying it was a first amendment issue.

Griego says high school students' opinions are valuable and notes the student in question is 18 years old and will graduate.

"You don't get in trouble for telling the truth," said Griego.

But Lofton notes that none of Griego's student supporters have been identified. And he says the political attack is an attack on his reputation and ethics, and he will pursue legal action against those who are responsible for what he says are lies in the ad.

The June 7 election will determine a winner because Lofton and Griego are the only two candidates in District 3.


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