(FOX40.COM) – It’s been almost a week since firefighter-paramedic Tim Johnson responded to a call about a horrific accident involving his 16-year-old daughter.

On Nov. 3 she had reportedly just left for school in her Ford F-150 pickup along Marysville Road in the small Yuba County town of Dobbins. Not long after, Johnson’s pager went off from the Peninsula Fire Protection District fire department. His wife called at almost the same time.

“I heard the call go out. My wife told me that it was my daughter and that she’d been in a car accident,” Johnson said. “All I knew is my wife said it looked pretty bad. So my first thought was get to the scene. Cause I knew I was the only medic in the area.”

Johnson said he just wanted to hurry there and take care of her. He was the first paramedic to arrive on-scene and was accompanied by the Oregon House/Dobbins Volunteer Fire Department.

An oncoming vehicle reportedly struck a deer that launched through Johnson’s daughter’s windshield, and hit her directly in the face. Her vehicle then careened off the road into a tree.

“I ran up and said, Emma, it’s daddy. I’m here. I’m gonna take care of you,” Johnson said.

His daughter was extricated from her vehicle and flown to U.C. Davis Medical Center where she was placed on a ventilator and faces life-threatening injures. The family put together a Gofundme account to help with medical expenses, lodging and travel for the Johnson family.

His daughter is described as an amazing teen who is a champion rodeo rider who participates in FFA, 4-H and soft ball – all while maintaining grades of A’s and B’s.

Johnson said he has responded to countless accidents in his 20-plus years career as a firefighter with the Peninsula Fire Protection District, and as a paramedic for 13 of those years. He prays that his daughter recovers fully and speedily.