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When you see people walking through a neighborhood with flyers, they’re usually looking for a lost dog, but on Regard Way in Antelope, they regard loved ones a little differently.

They’re looking for a lost zombie.

Call it a case of “Gone Ghoul.”

“Besides the scaring part … when he moves around to the closet … he usually stands right here,” said Lesa Franco, as she pointed out the bare spot by the front door her zombie once haunted.

What lives in a box during the off-season, disappeared Saturday night when the Franco family got a little too wrapped up in a movie and forgot to bring him inside.

Somebody then helped themselves to him — outside.

“We need to get this back because … to most … to some people it’s just a prop, but to me, it’s part of the family,” said close Franco family friend Matthew Howell.

“He posted on my Facebook page … my favorite Halloween decoration stolen while I’m away … and my mom is trying to get him back,” read Franco, looking at her cell phone.

The “he” who posted that on Franco’s page is her now-deployed Army son Jordan.

He brought the zombie home eight years ago and started a special sort of haunting that’s brought mom and son close.

“No matter how many times he puts it in the closet, it still gets me every time,” she said.

The zombie’s shown up in the shower.

He’s been everywhere around the house.

He just wasn’t supposed to leave home.

And with her son away from home in South Korea, having something that meant so much to him disappear — well, like a ghost — is too much for mom to take.

She just can’t buy another zombie.

“It’s not the same,” said Franco.

“I just smile and laugh when I pull up and see the zombie.  It just brings back memories and I want that back. I really do,” she said.

If you have what Lesa Franco wants, she says  drop it off no questions asked.

And if you just have info about where she might find it you can  text (916) 715-5092.

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