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AUBURN — In less than a week, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the nation’s 45th President. In attendance will be local teen Lexy Ashford.

“It’s really going to be overwhelming,” said Ashford from her Auburn home. “It’s really going to be an amazing week, probably something I won’t even be able to explain to people when I get back. It’s going to be that overwhelming.”

Like most teenage girls, 14-year-old Lexy enjoys spending Friday night’s with friends and attending school functions, but the Placer High School freshman has something much bigger on her horizon next week.

“I’m leaving in less than a week, and I still have to remind myself that I’m going to the Presidential Inauguration.”
Lexy’s Mom though, says it’s much more than just a trip to Washington.

“It’s that she gets to learn from these people, and that’s what makes me the proudest,” said Nina Salarno Besselman. “Belive me, she’s 14 and still has her moments. But for the most part she’s got a drive and a determination.”

That drive and determination began a few years ago, when Lexy attended the Young Leaders of America Conference. It was there that organizers started to get a special feeling about Lexy and her abilities. Eventually, she was selected to be a representative of the group at next weeks inauguration.

“We learned how to be young entrepreneurs, how to start businesses, how to run major corporations.”

Lexy’s trip to Washington though doesn’t just include attending the inauguration. She’s taking part in the Presidential Inaugurations Leadership Summit, as well as attending the Donald Trump Ball. Her dress arriving this week at her home.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” she said. “It’s like, really sparkly.”

Sounds just about right for a teenage girl.